A Professional Property Inventory Service
minimises the risk of costly disputes
and helps safeguard the value of your property
Property Inventory Services

Property Inventory Services


An inventory is a comprehensive description of the fixtures, fittings and condition of the property to be let, covering doors, walls, ceilings, woodwork, windows, light fittings and heating, together with any fittings, white goods and furniture.

Gardens, garden furniture and outbuildings are also included in the inventory.

Our inventory reports work methodically from the front entrance through each room, and include any outdoor space, gardens and outbuildings.

Digital photos of each room provide a quick overview, while specific images (e.g. meter readings) highlight important items and record any damage.

Inventory reports are completed within two business days of our visit, and can be delivered as PDFs to an email address, on paper (or both).


Combined with the inventory, the check-in process results in a report specific to a property and tenancy.

It takes place on the day the agreement begins, and provides a schedule of the condition of the property, together with setting the standard to which the property should be maintained, and returned at the end of the tenancy.

We meet the tenant on the day that they are moving into the property. We walk them through the property and confirm everything listed in the inventory. We agree and make any additional comments to the inventory together where necessary.

Meter readings are noted and a photograph is taken to guarantee accuracy.

New tenants will be asked to sign for any keys that are passed over, and we walk tenants through the property, highlighting any issues, with them.


The check-out takes place at the end of the tenancy.

The inventory created at the start of the tenancy is used to compare the condition of the property.

We create a detailed report which identifies any differences to the condition of the property, and indicates if these differences need to be made good, are a result of fair wear and tear, need to be cleaned, or are a result of maintenance issues.

When the tenant is present for the check-out, we will indicate any areas that may affect the return of their deposit.

We complete a check-out declaration, take a forwarding address, record final meter readings and take charge of all keys - ensuring the property is left secure.

Interim Property Visits

We undertake periodic interim property inspections, ensuring that landlords or their agents are aware of any potential problems.

We check for areas that could be a cause for concern, such as mould, mildew, leaks, overcrowding or smoking in the property.

We also check that lights and white goods are working and highlight any issues or problems.